Wednesday, December 30, 2009



Does this mean that I too have
to come up with "A REAL woman....." post?
erms....lazy ar..hahahaha... :p

A REAL....


  • A REAL man will not attempt to rip her precious shell.
    A REAL man will cherish and care for that prize forever.

  • A REAL man will not dredge up the past in an argument.
    A REAL man will always look forward and resolve the fight.

  • A REAL man will never hit her woman.
    A REAL man will restrain himself and curb his anger.

  • A REAL man will let his woman know he loves her.
    A REAL man will never be casual and insincere in his love.

  • A REAL man can ‘stand up’ for her.
    Like he stands up for Singapore....(you’re going: huh? Hahaha)

  • A REAL man will not think bros before hos’.
    A REAL man loves his beau AND his bros.

  • A REAL man is responsible.
    A REAL man is the defender, procurer, protector and enabler in his woman’s life.

  • A REAL man takes care of himself, just as he would take care of her.

  • A REAL man acknowledges his mistakes.
    A REAL man will not repeat his mistakes.

  • A REAL man is her lady’s teddy bear.
    A REAL man knows a bear has no tail. (So he cannot put his between his legs and run away)

  • A REAL man has a penis.
    Other...genders who have one are not REAL.

  • A REAL man can be bashful.
    He cannot, however, bash people up.

  • A REAL man will manja his woman.
    A REAL man can only be irritated if he is allowed by his woman.

  • A REAL man is her woman’s superman.
    A REAL man will NOT wear his underwear outside his pants. And he doesn’t wear red underwear unless he has hemorrhagic piles or something.

  • A REAL man is owner of the castle, but she is the master of the house.

  • A REAL man loves his woman.
    A REAL man loves himself.
    A REAL man loves.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

When a man...?


My remake of that famous song:

When a man loves a woman
Can’t see nothing beyond himself
He’d move the mountains
For the love he’d found

If she is mad, he will beat it
She can kick him with her left foot
Turn his back for one second
And she will put him down

When a man loves a woman
He’d better say nice things to her
Or if he doesn’t
He ain’t gonna get some that night

Yes when a man loves a woman
I know how exactly how he feels
Because I feel it, all day everyday
When a man loves a woman......

Ahem. I may not sing well, nor am I a budding songwriter, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love my sayang to bits! I love her, even when she kicks my ass  :)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009



I just can't help it.
With him, I tend to question the obvious, continue doing it till he's irritated...heh..
And when he's irritated, I get upset.
I'm partly to be blamed, I'm sorry.
But.... :p

Oh well, bottomline is that problems will arise, left, right and center!
It is up to us to overcome it.
I am kinda worried abt the future.
It's ok.
We'll be ok.

Thank you, love, for your assurance and your guidance.
I love you.

what about us?


Yesterday was another jemputan. But this time, the day did not end smoothly. This time, it was her ex-classmate’s wedding, someone she wasn’t really close with, but the invite was personally given, so what the heck, just go, lah. Everything was ok but her just-married ex-classmate started to tell her how expensive everything was, and what she and her betrothed had to go through to plan and perform the wedding. She got worried, of course. It was the same question, “what about us? Have we saved enough? Is there enough time? What about the problems?”

I screwed it up. I should have reassured her and talked about it. But instead, I got irritated and nearly had an argument. My own deep-seated worries made me react that way, because frankly, I’m worried too. I did realise afterwards that a wedding event is a HUGE event and there’s bound to be trouble along the way and we should take things in our stride and face those challenges and overcome them, together.

I apologised, weakly. She still wasn’t happy and we said goodbye rather desultorily. I messaged her another apology, this time with more detail and more sincerity. She seemed to be placated and said good night. I did some thinking the same night, when I was going home, that I had to step-up and face the fact that we had some ways to go on this journey of weddinghood (my own word, trademarked) and I better not let my feelings run away, along with logic, common sense and temper. That’s why I need my sayang to lasso them together and haul them back with a loving piece of twine!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Retail therapy


Retail therapy is not a myth as people might have believed since it's been scientifically proven that women (& some men :p) take comfort in the act of shopping. Comfort coz shopping helps with dealing with emotions and some used it as some sort of safety net. That is not to say though that shopping doesn’t come with the obligatory guilt trip as well. :s

A recent study shows most women feel remorse right after splashing out on something new. I'm sure we’ve all been there - we’re out shopping, arms loaded with bags and eyes sparking with joy that we've got some lovely bargains and the anticipation of getting back home to try everything out and the next thing we know, we’re overwhelmed with a sense of guilt at having spent so much money, or having bought lots of things that we dont need. At times the guilt appears even before we're out of the store or before we even pay for the purchase.

I am so guilty of the latter. Known for being a compulsive buyer, once I fancy a piece of clothing/shoes/bags that flatters me, I will buy it in whatever colours available that I like. Well, people can't really tell anyway. It will look like you're wearing different tops/shoes/bags everyday :p And I kinda like my money right where I can see it, in my closet! But somehow, the sense of guilt managed to creep in like a cat waiting to pounce on you. You know they're soft and cute but the pounce is erms....ok ok I digress... :p

Anyways, unlike most women who shop even more to make sure the feeling of guilt is pushed back as much as possible. I tend to like he said "keep looking at it, try it, and then..." make my decision :)

Economy's been slow the past 1.5yrs and with our planning for the future, I gotta be frugal at times right?
And since you seemed ok with my shopping habit, and BONUS is IN :D
Let's go get that gorgeous top from Zara, maybe the CHIC pants too and of course, the accessories...the bangles and that cute earrings :) Can never have enough of accessories :D

Ok set! ION Orchard, tmrw at 2pm!
To SHOPPING and the recovering ECONOMY!!
Oh yes, we should get a new pair of shoes for you too :)

Saturday, December 19, 2009

A pair of....


TGIF. What a week. I’ve been interacting with people who I swear had a lobotomy the entire week. But that’s now over, I get to meet my sayang! We are going to eat some char kway teow and mee goreng in our old haunt that is Far East Plaza. After that, we are going to do some shopping for makeup and clothes. For her, lah! I quite had to adjust to go shopping with a woman when I started dating her. Mind you, it wasn’t easy. Meticulous and analytical, she is. She might see something she really likes, keep looking at it, try it, and then declare it is not fit for wearing. Ditto for shoes. Man, I still don’t get it. There’s not much material on women’s shoes anyway and everything looks like the same ones in a shop a few paces away. But I endeavour to tell my sayang that it looks ‘nice’ or very ‘chic’. I have no freaking idea, of course. My idea of chic is a leather encased harddisk or mouse, but that’s another story.

I explore the many alcoves and crannies in the well-lit labyrinth of Far East Plaza, amazed at the variety and the constant change in the place. She didn’t see anything she liked, though. I think her sense of fashion has transcended from the teeny bopper style and the urban young kind of thing. I think she’s more conservative and wants to blend in rather than stand out. In any case, we have to look elsewhere for clothes, but we don’t really have the time because of our busy schedules. Oh well, next outing, I hope she buys something soon, ‘cos my shoes are wearing out. Hmm, maybe I should get a pair of shoes....

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

U do?


"I do....?"

Neways, yesterday was spent with family and some extended relatives.
He too has some function to attend to so...
Not quite in the mood to blog but there are some stuffs that are still kinda nagging at the back of my head.

See, the thing is like him, I'm the middle child. Both elder siblings are married and coz they're like a decade older than me, they should. And being in the middle, I still have two younger siblings who are younger than me and I should go first before them.

Next, since it's been so long since the elder two got married(not to each other...duh), people naturally zoom into me and start questioning abt "THE DAY". Fact is unlike ya'll, they DON'T KNOW if there's a S/O or not so for them to zoom in and ask abt "THE DAY", is like asking me when's the end of the world? Is that what they're referring to? Of coz not!!! It's still about "THE DAY".....

The best part is, it's not the close relatives who'd ask coz they're concern ('concern?' what i meant is they just wanna know), but it's always the annoying, loud, xyz ;p who'd ask!! :(

Neways, here's my list of excuses;

  1. Qn: When's "The day?"
    Ans: When or what day is it? :) Then quickly say ______________ (If it's Monday, say Monday. If it's Wednesday, say Wednesday. If it's Saturday, say....(u get the idea))

  2. Qn: When's "The day?"
    Ans: Give quizzical look, smile and walk away....haha

  3. Qn: When's "The day?"
    Ans: Shug shoulders, and say "Don't know" or "ENTAH"...stare at them n make em uncomfortable...heh

  4. Qn: When's "The day?"
    Ans: Belum ada calon...U have suitors for me??

  5. Qn: When's "The day?"
    Ans: hums..."hum tum tum tum..."
    Qn: When's that, 10.10.10?
    Ans: oh, 10.10.10?....??? and quickly run for ur life!!!!
Whatever ar....JANGAN SIBUK BOLEH TAK!......hehehe...

When is.....


People are mumbling. By which I mean relatives are whispering or downright asking outright when we are getting married. Coincidentally, we both met our relatives last Sunday when we were in our own homes. After the salutations and re-introductions, the questions flew.

“So, when is your big day?” asked the offender.

“End April.” I answered.

“So soon! I expect to get a card from you soon?” replied the offender.

“Er....sure. If I’m planning a party, that is,” said I.

Quizzical frown from the person. “You mean, you’re not planning a reception? What about the guests?”

“Argh, it happens every year. After a while it gets tiring.” I reply.

“Hah? You mean you’ve done it already? You did it more than once? And you didn’t invite me?” exclaimed the relative.

“Well, I’m sorry I didn’t invite you. I wanted quiet birthdays, that’s all,” I retort.

The abovementioned relatives ‘harumphed’ and walked off. Ok, I replied that way on purpose, but I did get carried away with the sarcasm. She was more sophisticated in her replies to inquisitive interlopers (mostly her aunts) and she replied in much humour and jest. Yet afterwards, when we debriefed each other, she was incensed and I found it hilarious. Funny, the way we react to the same situation, before, during and after. But the end results was that people we know are very kaypoh and they should be minding their own beeswax instead of asking such pointed questions so glaringly in front of so many people! So, dear reader, if you are one of those ‘been there, done that, what about you?’ kinda people, clamp it with G-clamp, and just smile and say, “Oh, hello, long time no see! And you look so slim! Is there a new hair-do? Wow, nice watch, you must be doing alright! Hey, you’re more good looking than before! Hey, we should catch up sometime. Sorry, gotta go, my kids just broke the vase and my baby has just soiled the diapers. I got to go clean up the mess. Bye!”

Saturday, December 12, 2009



Keeps getting BETTER.....I PROMISE :)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

happily ever after....heh


I received a wedding invitation card late last week from an old friend. He was getting married! Out of the blue, just like that. I didn’t even know he had a girlfriend, but it’s not as if I should have known. He’s my buddy from my days in National Service and after we were all discharged, we didn’t contact each other, save for a few favours or arranging a get-together which eventually didn’t happen.
So today’s the wedding reception. I got there a little late because she was coming with me and we both were taking our time to dress up. She looked great in her baju; I always get a kick out of seeing her in pretty clothing and flawless make-up. Off we went in a cab and arrived in the middle of the wedding couple’s photo-taking with the guests. My friend saw me and gave a big smile (a real one as I could tell he was giving the ‘photo smile’ all this while) and I nodded back. We found a table not far from the dais and, what else, proceeded to the buffet table.

As far as wedding receptions go, this was pretty average, although the food was great. Held at a void deck, the tables were a little haphazard as there wasn’t much space, but it did get everyone to mingle around. My other NS friends were at another table and we went to join them. She was the only female in the group, so she listened to us trade army stories (I can hear some people go: “Men! So typical.”) Eh, whatever, lah. You think NS so easy, meh? Especially for me, I had to go through some tough s**t, but I really had good camaraderie with guys I never thought I’d be friends with.

Anyway, it was pleasant and yet unnerving to be attending a wedding of my NS friend when he’s WAY younger than me (I’m not THAT old, idiots), but I was happy for him and his wife, and I told him so when I went to ‘kirim salam’ and give his dad my bill payment (sorry, sorry, the duit salam). Speaking of which, I get a kick out of my non-Malay friends when they discover to their shock that the duit salam is totally up to them, the amount they have to give. I once told a Chinese friend that the token for a Malay wedding is more expensive than a Chinese wedding because the wedding dais traditionally has two gold ingots in its base (for blessing of prosperity for the couple) and the rental for the dais was pricey. “You think the wedding dais so cheap, meh?” The guy fell for it and gave our Malay classmate a hundred bucks. The father offered to have him as his foster child. My friend declined. Of course.

I went home that day thinking, “Man, everyone is getting married. I better step up to it.” But it didn’t feel like I had to because everyone else was doing it. I felt I had to because I wanted to, and everyone else did it first.

I don’t want to get left behind. I better get cracking!

Monday, December 7, 2009



I am so hooked on facebook.
The games are so addictive....first it was Pet Society...haha
Then Restaurant City. I'm amazed at how hardworking my 'staffs' in the restaurants are...if only... :p
Mafia comes Don Valentina Chainsaw?
Now there's Cafe World, City Life, School of Wizardry, Diva life and the list goes on.....

Ok ok no brainer post...haha..but I love facebook...haha

Wednesday, December 2, 2009



“This is my December.....skrts squee skrtz”. Ok, I can’t sing like Chester Bennington from Linkin Park, but I can hum pretty well. DUM DUM’s less than a year to the BIG DAY (actual day is under wraps, so it’s on a need to know basis, suckas). It’s also a busy month for me at work and I can anticipate that I won’t be seeing my sayang so often this month. But this month signifies many things, other than Christmas. It means the end of a year, the beginning of a new year, the time to wrap up work that was constantly put off, and the fulfilment of promises made.

We made a lot of promises to each other. Promises made in the warm light of love, and promises made in the darkness of anger. But the actual value in ourselves as people will show when we make good on our good promises, and not the threats. Love is not all about sunny skies and fields of marigold. It’s also about the tough times, the sad times and the times when we feel the whole world is against us. It’s been a journey of many years and we will soon (in less than a year) take another road in the junction of life when we get married.

So, sayang, forgive me for all the difficult times I made you endure. I will pray for the strength to look after you and love you as how a good husband should. I sayang you.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009



Annoyed! :(

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