Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The day after....

I had a good run last night.
Running is a great way to get yourself in shape.
(yeah! psyching myself up!!!)
It speeds up your metabolism,
tones and firms your body and aids in your digestive system.
Once you start you will not want to stop...hehehe...
There is a certain rush that you get from running that occurs after
you get through the initial feeling of exhaustion after a run.
Once that feeling settles, I usually experience an increase in my energy level and a boost in my spirit.

Another plus for those who run, I guess is that it improves your mental status.
If you notice that you are a little depressed running will help to eliminate this feeling.

The reason that running helps with depression is clear
coz it controls hormone levels in the body that regulate our mood.
Running helps to keep our mood upbeat and positive while relieving our stress and anxiety. 
You may be sore when you first begin running, but with time you will feel an improvement in your body.

I am lucky that I was able to convince my colleague, Queenie to run with me.
Even though we don't really talk to each other while running...hehehe,
it is still nice to have someone along.
It is safer too.

I am starting to set little goals.
Every time you reach the next goal, keep it up for a few days
until it begins to get easier and then boost your goal up another notch.
There is something exciting in reaching each new accomplishment.

For the sore muscles.......REMEMBER TO STRETCH AND COOL DOWN!!
Till the next run.....bye!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

will be ok!

....what doesnt kill you will only make you stronger...

Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday BLUES!!

Just ask anyone about what he or she has planned for Monday, 
and he or she will be heaving a dreadful sigh and go 'Monday blues again...'
Hehehe...I am no exception.
I do too...or I used to be like that.
But it’s not really coz I don’t want to go to work,
it’s the ironing of my clothes the night before that makes it ...arrghh.. :p

the day of the week that majority would never look forward to.
It is probably because of the fact that Monday comes after Sunday,
the day when we all relax or hang out with family and friends.
Physically, one would feel lethargic and less energetic the following day after
a whole day of relaxation the day before, knowing that he or she has to get on the feet to work
or school and start cracking his or her brain again.

But then again, how long am I going to put up with these Monday blues?
Am I going to hate Mondays for the rest of my life?
Monday is actually just like any other day of the week that I should not dread.
There is something about Monday that can bring sparkles to your life,
if you set yourself to believe so.

 It is all in the mind! :p
It’s true!! (my sweetheart taught me this!)
Do not let psychology control you.
You should take control of your psychology.
So lets get our psychological self get back on track,
forget about what makes you detest Mondays
and focus on the joy that Mondays can bring upon you.
Here are some of my ways of having a more positive perception of Mondays:

Wake Up Early
I usually wake up as early as possible.
That way, you would be able to get yourself prepared for the day,
not only in terms of preparation of clothes and working materials,
but also, mentally and spiritually.
 In fact, if you choose to get up late, you may end up being in an adrenaline rush,
resulting in the feeling of being tensed and agitated,
which can possible ruin your entire day.
That would not be a good way to start of your Monday!
So it would work at your advantage if you wake yourself up early
to keep yourself fresh and full of life.

Set A Routine
Set a routine for that you can get the habit of doing.
This will help you start off the week being more prepared and refraining from forgetting some things. On the day before, plan what you would need to prepare and
all you would need to do the next day would be to execute the plan.
Make this a life routine that you can make use of to get you all set,
not just on Monday, but every other day too

Make A Delicious Breakfast
Pamper yourself with a delicious breakfast.
NEVER begin your day with an empty stomach.
You will not be able to think properly and will have to put up with gastric pains that will affect your work performance for the day.

Leave Your Home Early
You woke up early right?
Doesn’t make sense to leave the house late when you’ve already woken up super early! :p
(Actually, I’m kinda guilty on this one!)

This will allow you some time to put up with some unforeseen circumstances that can happen while you are on your way to work or school, such as major traffic jam, accidents, or heavy rain which can slow down traffic or in my case, get super drenched while walking up that damned stairs in the park :p
At least there is still a chance for you to reach your destination punctually,
thus making your day a little less gloomy.

Change Your Daily Route To Work/School
Make changes to the route you take every day.
Viewing the scenery of the same route may become cliché and lead you to boredom throughout the week, especially on a Monday.
So make yourself enjoy your journey to work or school by going to other directions that can still eventually lead you to your destination.

Make An Agenda
At work, give yourself a few minutes to prepare the agenda for the day.
Plunging straight to your tasks would take up all the energy that you need for the entire day, and in turn, you will become exhausted during the later part of the day.
In fact, just focusing directly on your work the moment you reach your workplace may make your entire work become disorganized and will get your mind all tangled up.
Hence, you should set aside a few minutes to 'start your engine'.

Start Your Day With A Fresh Mindset
NEVER kicks start your day with unnecessary mind-disrupting tasks like checking e-mails.
It will just accumulate the amount of stress in you, which will weaken your spirit to get on your feet. Start your day with a fresh mind rather than an occupied mind.
Do you guy agree to the above or have your own tips?
Do share!!!

Note to self:

Sunday, July 18, 2010


It's been a while since I ran. 
Running has never been a passion of mine.
I've always preferred a team sports than a solo one.
Running back then is mandatory coz you need to build up your stamina for
the sports that you're playing.
Over the years, I slowly piled on the unnecessary mass.
Every time I said that I'm fat, the S/O will correct me and says that I'm just out of shape. :p
This time round, I've decided that enough is ENOUGH!
I do not like being out of shape!
I do not like not having the stamina to walk up the never-ending steps to work....
I've decided, TO RUN!

It has kinda been a month and I am loving my
twice a week run after work at Fort Canning.
The thought of running used to be a CHORE but now, it's alright.
A lot of things that I've learnt too....

I have learnt that running doesn't need to look a certain way or be a certain distance
or any particular speed or duration.
This is between you and the ground you cover.
Don't take it so seriously!

If you set about the process of beginning a running program with the mentality that,
"Every step I take is better than sitting on the couch,"
then you'll probably relax about the whole thing a lot more!

I used to psyche myself out with long distance running.
If I started thinking about how far I "had to" go,
my mental state of disdain would negatively effect my physical performance.

I just started running... with no expectations.
I just focused on putting one foot in front of the other, again, then again, then again!
I learned to be in the moment, and enjoy it.

Whatever your starting point, just add a little more running to it.
For example, if you're a walker, then just add a light jog to your walk
- a few times if you feel up to it.
Jog for 30 seconds... jog for 5 minutes.
It doesn't matter how long, just give it a try.
Gradually add to the process.
You might add more jogging intervals or jog for longer periods of time.
You might turn your jogging into more running.
Whatever! No pressure!
This is supposed to be enjoyable, remember?

If you're already jogging or running, then maybe you don't need any tips at all!
Or maybe you can go farther, or faster, or experience less discomfort,
or enjoy the process more.
No pressure!

Find your comfortable place in your running style and technique,
get your breathing nice and easy, but don't forget to enjoy the surroundings! 

Now it's about time that I rope him into this routine.
Let's hope he agrees... :)

ps. Kinda happy to see the number increasing in my nuffnang :)

Friday, July 16, 2010


Forgiveness, understanding and compassion.....

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