Sunday, January 31, 2010

end of the WEEK?


"Sunday is considered the first day of the week in some countries.
Today many countries such as Singapore regard
Sunday as the seventh day,
at least in the working week and the civil week."

I am just happy that TODAY is SUNDAY :)
I love my weekends!
There's just too many things to do from Monday to Friday.
The mad rush to complete assignments, meeting clients and what-have-yous.
Also another reason why I love my weekends is that I get to spend time with my
favourite beloved, Sayang :)
Quality time. PRICELESS.

After so many weeks of working on the "EVENT"...hehehe..
which we will reveal soon, ;)
I'm finally able to breathe easy.... :)

And to have my bf, assisting me from start to the end,
admidst all the tornado and tsunami...haha..
I, sayang you la, Habib Mansoor :)

Well, I had fun yesterday.
Macam lama tak pergi dating..hehe..asyik go out together coz of work :s
So yesterday, we watched FINALLY!!
Then on the way back, right outside The Cathay,
we saw the Thaipusam festival.
All these will try to blog's Sunday, malas nak blog panjang2 :p

Right now, I'm waiting for my sayang to come over so that we can go
and have a dip in the pool!
I miss SWIMMING!!!
So today, we shall swim coz running is tiring...haha..

before I leave, here's something I curik from HERE!
Yeah ppl, I do bloghop and read other blogger's's only polite
since you guys do bother to come visit mine and drop a line or two in my shoutbox :)
So if you come visit, drop me a line, be assured that I'll go over n looksee2
what's interesting in urs :)

In the meantime, enjoy this clip...some reporter notty2 touchy2 Beckham.
David Beckham ...haha...

Saturday, January 30, 2010



"Did you know that hunger can cause mood swings and irritability?
 So can running on empty.
Your body is lacking something.
This affects your whole system.
People who do eat breakfast tend to be much less irritable than those who do not. ;p
They tend to be in a better mood. :D
No one around you wants you to be irritable.
No one likes it when people have mood swing.
DO yourself and those around you a favor each day, eat breakfast... " :)

So that's what I did this morning.
Yeah, Saturday morning :)
I woke my niece up and promised her waffles
with butter melting and maple syrup dripping....breakfast at KFC.
Yeah, my reliable, darling niece woke up instantly.
And off we go to....Hougang Mall...hehe..

But of course, once we reached the Mall, the little missy's got other plans.
Eyes wide open when she saw the golden ARCHES..arrghh...
Time: 7.40am
McDonalds = OPEN

Ok ok...KFC is only open at 8am.

So what does this aunt does?
She lets her baby girl have her hot cakes - HAPPY meal, FIRST,
while she waits patiently for KFC to open :)

8.00am!!! waffles and scrambled egg..yum yum!!...
.....the delicious maple syrup...
...and here's my baby girl, with her eggtart :)

She says, SEDAP!!!

It's 11am now :)
Have u had ur breakfast, yet??

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


A Pic, A Day:our journey

Monday, January 18, 2010


A Pic, A Day:our journey

Saturday, January 16, 2010


A Pic, A Day:our journey

kursi or kerusi?

Friday, January 15, 2010

A NEW Game for Bloggers, BackLink to Me :)

Hi All!!

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Have Fun!

- He & She :)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Up..up…and awayyyy….

A Pic, A Day:our journey

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Interesting vids to share!


Got this from HERE, a fellow blogger....

Very funny, thought I should share! :D

Tuesday, January 12, 2010



Here's to those asking for the link to the Traffic Digger. :)
Click below, ok?

Free advertising

Have you guys heard of trafficdigger??
Trafficdigger is like multilevel marketing.
Just that we've all know abt multilevel marketing such as topup,vemma and many more.
But what's interesting abt trafficdigger is that it'll help us to increase our traffic.
More traffic, more income for us all :).

The interesting part is the more we promote, the more downline we'll get.
Thus, MORE traffic and hopefully readership = more $ thru blogging....

Best part is, it's FREE!

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Good Luck!! :)

Monday, January 11, 2010

The journey…

A Pic, A Day:our journey

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Fair arguements?


Most couples argue at some point and
many will agree that it can be a positive thing.
But how you argue and what you argue about could make the difference.
How does one know which arguments
are important and will help strengthen a relationship?

A lot of couples fight some.
Some couples fight a lot. :p
 But almost all couples fight over the same things which are
trust, money and how much time the two of them spend together.
Well, we do. :s

Problem is, most of us wind up having these same arguments over and over again.
It gets tiring over time but that’s because
these issues are hot buttons for almost everyone,
pure stressors that speak to our sense of love and fairness.

But soon you'll discover that, seldom are these issues really resolved.
We keep going back to the same problems...heh...
Just like some celebs keeps go back to rehab- lots of emotional turmoil,
but little actual progress. :p

 Personally, I myself am trying to find something different to argue about.
hehe...somehow the above statement sounds a lil off...
but if I need to argue about something,
it'll be an argument that is really worth having..haha

Coz there are arguements that are worth having.
Arguments that will strengthen our relationship and
increase our overall
Honestly, to me, it's not about who wins in an arguement.
It's about listening to each other.

Talk is talk, anyone can talk.
But arguements are when passionate couple who have
a lil disagreement and that's where arguements comes in.

We both are learning to argue 'quietly'.
After more than 7 years being together,
we have tried and gone thru different styles of arguements...heh..

Now, we listen hard to the 'key words' conveyed in the arguement.
Decipher the content, understand the message
before making an opinion before rebutting...haha..dah mcm debate!

Anyways, how do you and your partner argue, and how do you both resolve it?

ps. Darling, please do not argue with me NEXT WEEK! If we MUST, let ME win??!! :)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

A New Beginning…To the future, never forgetting the past.

I realised that we talk too much :p
So for somedays that we don't talk, we'll let some pics do the talking?
Can? :)
Here goes, A Pic, A Day:our journey

Friday, January 8, 2010


SHE SAYS; is conducting

A WEDDING:behind the scenes.

There's goodie bags, gifts and vouchers...who knows it'll be beneficial to bride and groom to be;
both the knowledge frm attending and the vouchers frm the goodie bags?
Plus it's gonna be held at the classy arts house.
The chamber tu, it's the old parliament debate room eh?
Cool ah?....
Sign up for the event by purchasing the tix here?

Darling, click ok?
Only $50 for 2pax :D
Anyone else??

Thursday, January 7, 2010



(my memory card's giving prob thus i have to live with the *beep*beep*)
checks phone n he smsed,
**Hello, sayang. How's your day?**

she replied,
**Ok, but tummy's seemed to have some form of performance,
an orchestra going on after I drank Nescafe**
(click sent!)

checks phone n he replied,
**Ha, nice way of putting it.
Don't let the stomach give an encore.
Took Medicine?**

she replied,
**after all the party tt goes on in e am, of all timing,
"they" decided to cool it off by going for a swim. :p
Ok now, feeling better! :)**
(click sent!)
That's all folks!!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

a lil something...


So a few friends have dropped by and given their two cents and one's being linked.
My friend of 8-9years living in Georgia, Atlanta, boasting abt the basement that
he's turning into an independent apartment unit with an indoor pool! :p
Well, he's not really boasting but merely "updating family and friends" of his
1500sq feet Home Improvement project. 1500 sq feet is = 139 sq meters.
And this is just the basement!!

Due to land constraint in Singapore, on average,
I guess Singaporean are living in a 92 sq meters apartments/flats.
With an internal floor area of 90 sq meters.
And in local terms, we call these as what HDB states on their website,
a "Typical 4-room Flat".

I said on average coz most of the Built-To-Order(BTO) flats that are
coming up, are built around that size-range.
They don't come cheap either, but compared to resale,
they're supposed to be "cheap".

The latest "Typical 4-room Flat" BTO for January 2010,
Buangkok Vale-Hougang and Limbang Green - Choa Chu Kang
costs a whooping max $278,000.
And it's not a freehold of coz, it's on a 99year lease.

Genius people in the government. 'Nuff said!

The most expensive one was launched last mth called
with Internal Floor Area Range (sqm) of 103 - 105sq meters
@ an "Indicative Price Range" of $555,000 - $664,000!!!!!!!
That's more than half a mill for a 99year lease FLAT!

After reading reports about the OVERWHELMING response to the flats offered;

  1. Overwhelming response to Sale of Balance Flats
    Source: ChannelNewsAsia
    Posted: 14 October 2009 1824 hrs

  2. Dawson estate Build-To-Order flats get overwhelming response
    Source: ChannelNewsAsia
    Posted: Thursday, December 17

WHY continue with the BTO?
There's more PRs coming in and snapping up resale flats like nobody's business,
the locals on the other hand, have to go thru the process of BTO and then wait
another approximately 4-5years before their home is ready.
As a consolation to the problem 'HDB said there will be more BTO projects in 2010.
It is prepared to launch at least one BTO project every month
IF there is a sustained demand for new flats.'

In the end, it all boils down to $$$$.
Let's say, MY DEAR BF decides to PROPOSE to me TOMORROW, :D
1st we've got to think of whether we've got money for

a. The wedding.
The average malay wedding under the 'void deck', yes,
the empty space under the flat, can costs between SGD$10k - $30k.

b. The love nest.
Do we need a flat within 6 months?
Then resale flat is the way to go.
IF we can afford to wait 3-5 years?
Apply for a new flat.
New flats are generally priced cheaper than current resale flats(about $50k less).
And since they're cheaper, there is no grants offered. :(
(who doesnt want free money?)
Say we go the resale way, we need to put down a deposit of up to $1k,
then the remaining down-payment of not more than
$4k before the two weeks is up.
Then we'd need to have the HLE before we put a deposit if not
we'll be unable to secure loan within the 14 days
and we'll lose the deposit...bla bla bla...
That's just the deposit, next there's the 20% downpayment for the house....arrghh!!!
NOT to forget the COV(Cash over valuations) that can easily be 8-25k upfront...
bwaaaa aaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!


No wonder Singaporeans are marrying at a later age.
Ok lar, Sayang, No Rush. :s
Let's queue for the BTO first, yes, before you even propose?....hmmmm???

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Takkan berhenti rentak tariku.....


Two awesome legendary artistes paired for
the first time in a concert singing their new song!!
A good start to 2010...this song, is dedicated to my Love :)

Hanya Semalam
Lagu : M.Nasir
Lirik : Siti Nurhaliza
Konsert Bagaikan Sakti, The Esplanade, Singapura

M.Nasir :
Isi hatimu tiada siapa tahu
Jika ku intai mungkinkah bertemu
Biar saja ku baca hatimu
Kunci rasa dalam rindu

Siti Nurhaliza :
Andai kau bisa menelah hati ku
Kalau kau mampu meneka di kalbu
Tiap saat pasti rindu bertemu
Benarlah itu maksudku

M.Nasir & Siti Nurhaliza
La la la….la la la la la la…2x

Siti Nurhaliza :
Biarku dendang lagu untukmu
Pasti bersatu kasih berpadu
Tiap senyum dan tawamu itu
Buat hatiku berlagu

M.Nasir :
Isi hatimu tiada seorang tahu
Jika ku intai mungkinkah bertemu
Biar saja ku baca hatimu
Kunci rasa dalam rindu

M.Nasir :
Benar kau ku mahu
Benar kau ku perlu

Siti Nurhaliza :
Walau hanya saat ini
Aku kau temui
Namun kau terus abadi

M.Nasir & Siti Nurhaliza :
Semalam hanya semalam
Dapat diriku menghilangkan rindumu
Aku merindu pasti menunggu
Bila waktumu menghiburkan dirimu
Seperti alam tak pernah diam
Bagai suria akan berganti malam
Aku menunggu pasti menunggu
Bila waktuku menghiburkan dirimu
Takkan berhenti rentak tariku

M.Nasir & Siti Nurhaliza
La la la….la la la la la la…2x

Siti Nurhaliza :
Biarku dendang lagu untukmu
Pasti bersatu kasih berpadu
Tiap senyum dan tawamu itu
Buat hatiku berlagu

M.Nasir :
Isi hatimu tiada seorang tahu
Jika ku intai mungkinkah bertemu
Biar saja ku baca hatimu
Kunci rasa dalam rindu

M.Nasir :
Benar kau ku mahu
Benar kau kuperlu

Siti Nurhaliza :
Walau hanya saat ini
Aku kau temui
Namun kau terus abadi

M.Nasir & Siti Nurhaliza :
Semalam hanya semalam
Dapat diriku menghilangkan rindumu
Aku merindu pasti menunggu
Bila waktumu menghiburkan dirimu
Seperti alam tak pernah diam
Bagai suria akan berganti malam
Aku menunggu pasti menunggu
Bila waktuku menghiburkan dirimu
Takkan berhenti rentak tariku

M.Nasir :
Takkan berhenti rentak tariku…

Monday, January 4, 2010

First day at work...


All too soon, it's the first day of work. While at the same time it's exciting to go back into the fray, there's also the feeling of reluctance after such nice long holidays. Sigh. BUT, I cannot think like a slacker! Just like Atom Ant said, "Up and at 'em! ATOM ANT!"

Right now I feel like an ant. A worker ant. A tiny, minisucle organism in a vast complex machine that cares not one whit of its organs and parts and cells. Actually, no, lah, I'm exaggerating, but I am feeling like an ant, doing the same drudgery of work. I realised, to no small astonishment, that I have mastered my tasks to the point of robotic sub-consciousness; it doesn't take as long to finish the tasks as it used to.

That's good news for me. This means that I can dedicate my time to my sayang in helping her in her projects and also concentrate on our plans for this year. Workwise, I know what I have to do to grow as an employee and I hope those dreams come to fruition, but in the meantime, I will focus on both of us, while I still have the time.

Goodie, goodie gum drops on the sudden availablity to goof, I mean time, to do more important stuff. Of course, what! What do you think I'm doing now, writing all this? Heh heh....

Friday, January 1, 2010

It's the New Year, chum.


A quiet start to the new year, in my opinion. And unlike previous times, I spent the time with her just walking around in quiet streets and talking to people who still had their shops open on New Year's Eve. We decided to avoid the throng of humanity that was doubtless clogging the narrow streets of downtown and the city, and we ended up walking along the little roads and lorongs of private residential estates, kinda like we were exploring or something.

It was a very nice thing to do, as we just stopped to speak to a few people (and it happened so naturally!) which was so unlike us. In fact, I think it's so unlike most Singaporeans, but I digress. It was good to be away from all the hubbub and just be with each other under a starry sky, breathing in the cool wind and being out in the wide wide open. So refreshing.

We gazed at each other at the stroke of midnight. I wondered what the new year would bring. But I steeled myself to embrace everything that is to come. What can I be if I am not strong enough to face challenges? And who better to do it with, than my Sayang.

Dear, we will look to the future, holding hands. As Thomas Paine once said, "If we do not hang together, we shall surely hang separately."




I’m rushing to write this because I got WAY over my head and am doing too much work in too little time. Significant other is not pleased. But I’m trying to make it up to her, by letting her know I’m ok and asking what she’s doing and all that. She’s being a great sport actually; she’s being really patient with me regarding my work. It will be a challenge in the future if I was working a job that required a great deal of my time and effort, which will mean that I may not always be around at home for her and the kids.

Work is a necessity but it can get in the way of relationships, sometimes. I feel that if I don’t strive hard now, it will be much more difficult in the future and we won’t be better off. She says I should be able to juggle all my responsibilities, no matter how hard it will be. But we both know that we must support each other, and not get in the way and cause problems, for the good of the whole family.

I am going to complete my work as efficiently as possible. Work will not be an excuse for neglecting my family; nothing is a good excuse for that. She supports me a lot and I will always treasure that about her. So, if you’re reading this, thank you, sayang.

Oops, boss is here. Gotta go.

ps. It's new year's eve...haha..Just in case, HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!

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