Saturday, January 9, 2010

A New Beginning…To the future, never forgetting the past.

I realised that we talk too much :p
So for somedays that we don't talk, we'll let some pics do the talking?
Can? :)
Here goes, A Pic, A Day:our journey


cr3ap said...

Most of the time, it's always picture says a thousand words. :D
Well, it shows that you have a good outing on the beach. It's good if you are walking with someone on the beach especially your love ones.

Regards from cr3ap

HE and SHE said...

hehe...agree with you :)
This pic was taken in bali...not perfect2 but manage to capture a man walkin and looking back at the same time. The pose was so "perfect" for me coz the man was kinda 'directly'under the sun.

If only I got the exposure and the what-nots correctly.

Neways, bali was awesome, but personally, I prefer boracay. Bali's too commercialized but any holiday is better than no holiday.

Can't wait for the day I can go holiday with the significant other! But then hopefully by then holidays with the gals will still continue... :)

AcanCapik said...

ha, ni leh comment, baru la best. baru nak ckp picture worth a thousand words, tapi dah ada org komen dulu plak. adesss...

HE and SHE said...

Oh well, thanks for dropping by, Do come visit often, ya? :)

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