Sunday, January 10, 2010

Fair arguements?


Most couples argue at some point and
many will agree that it can be a positive thing.
But how you argue and what you argue about could make the difference.
How does one know which arguments
are important and will help strengthen a relationship?

A lot of couples fight some.
Some couples fight a lot. :p
 But almost all couples fight over the same things which are
trust, money and how much time the two of them spend together.
Well, we do. :s

Problem is, most of us wind up having these same arguments over and over again.
It gets tiring over time but that’s because
these issues are hot buttons for almost everyone,
pure stressors that speak to our sense of love and fairness.

But soon you'll discover that, seldom are these issues really resolved.
We keep going back to the same problems...heh...
Just like some celebs keeps go back to rehab- lots of emotional turmoil,
but little actual progress. :p

 Personally, I myself am trying to find something different to argue about.
hehe...somehow the above statement sounds a lil off...
but if I need to argue about something,
it'll be an argument that is really worth having..haha

Coz there are arguements that are worth having.
Arguments that will strengthen our relationship and
increase our overall
Honestly, to me, it's not about who wins in an arguement.
It's about listening to each other.

Talk is talk, anyone can talk.
But arguements are when passionate couple who have
a lil disagreement and that's where arguements comes in.

We both are learning to argue 'quietly'.
After more than 7 years being together,
we have tried and gone thru different styles of arguements...heh..

Now, we listen hard to the 'key words' conveyed in the arguement.
Decipher the content, understand the message
before making an opinion before rebutting...haha..dah mcm debate!

Anyways, how do you and your partner argue, and how do you both resolve it?

ps. Darling, please do not argue with me NEXT WEEK! If we MUST, let ME win??!! :)


kenwooi said...

arguments are inevitable..
but it's about arguing over petty stuffs over and over again.. that's really bad.. =)

HE and SHE said...

yeah Ken, agree with you. Arguments are inevitable.

Arguing abt petty stuff on the other hand is coz someone in the r'ship is NOT LISTENING!

They hear but they dont LISTEN.

For once listen to your beloved, understand their situation and come to a compromise.

Most times, couples just walked out on each other when the arguments get too intense instead of being calm esp with your BELOVED, thus they dont listen, they don't compromise, they don't learn and the petty arguments comes around peek-a-boo(ing)!

Btw when women are going thru PMS, the CRAMPS, placate, pacify and give in to them's A FEW DAYS a MTH...hehe...

shengfatt said...

ya...listen very important in an argument....
nanged u. Allah for Islam only? Nang and read this if u r Malaysian… tq

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