Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The day after....

I had a good run last night.
Running is a great way to get yourself in shape.
(yeah! psyching myself up!!!)
It speeds up your metabolism,
tones and firms your body and aids in your digestive system.
Once you start you will not want to stop...hehehe...
There is a certain rush that you get from running that occurs after
you get through the initial feeling of exhaustion after a run.
Once that feeling settles, I usually experience an increase in my energy level and a boost in my spirit.

Another plus for those who run, I guess is that it improves your mental status.
If you notice that you are a little depressed running will help to eliminate this feeling.

The reason that running helps with depression is clear
coz it controls hormone levels in the body that regulate our mood.
Running helps to keep our mood upbeat and positive while relieving our stress and anxiety. 
You may be sore when you first begin running, but with time you will feel an improvement in your body.

I am lucky that I was able to convince my colleague, Queenie to run with me.
Even though we don't really talk to each other while running...hehehe,
it is still nice to have someone along.
It is safer too.

I am starting to set little goals.
Every time you reach the next goal, keep it up for a few days
until it begins to get easier and then boost your goal up another notch.
There is something exciting in reaching each new accomplishment.

For the sore muscles.......REMEMBER TO STRETCH AND COOL DOWN!!
Till the next run.....bye!


Soh Hong Wei said...

Good post!
Keep running, and will improve slowly. =)

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