Tuesday, December 22, 2009

what about us?


Yesterday was another jemputan. But this time, the day did not end smoothly. This time, it was her ex-classmate’s wedding, someone she wasn’t really close with, but the invite was personally given, so what the heck, just go, lah. Everything was ok but her just-married ex-classmate started to tell her how expensive everything was, and what she and her betrothed had to go through to plan and perform the wedding. She got worried, of course. It was the same question, “what about us? Have we saved enough? Is there enough time? What about the problems?”

I screwed it up. I should have reassured her and talked about it. But instead, I got irritated and nearly had an argument. My own deep-seated worries made me react that way, because frankly, I’m worried too. I did realise afterwards that a wedding event is a HUGE event and there’s bound to be trouble along the way and we should take things in our stride and face those challenges and overcome them, together.

I apologised, weakly. She still wasn’t happy and we said goodbye rather desultorily. I messaged her another apology, this time with more detail and more sincerity. She seemed to be placated and said good night. I did some thinking the same night, when I was going home, that I had to step-up and face the fact that we had some ways to go on this journey of weddinghood (my own word, trademarked) and I better not let my feelings run away, along with logic, common sense and temper. That’s why I need my sayang to lasso them together and haul them back with a loving piece of twine!


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