Sunday, December 20, 2009

Retail therapy


Retail therapy is not a myth as people might have believed since it's been scientifically proven that women (& some men :p) take comfort in the act of shopping. Comfort coz shopping helps with dealing with emotions and some used it as some sort of safety net. That is not to say though that shopping doesn’t come with the obligatory guilt trip as well. :s

A recent study shows most women feel remorse right after splashing out on something new. I'm sure we’ve all been there - we’re out shopping, arms loaded with bags and eyes sparking with joy that we've got some lovely bargains and the anticipation of getting back home to try everything out and the next thing we know, we’re overwhelmed with a sense of guilt at having spent so much money, or having bought lots of things that we dont need. At times the guilt appears even before we're out of the store or before we even pay for the purchase.

I am so guilty of the latter. Known for being a compulsive buyer, once I fancy a piece of clothing/shoes/bags that flatters me, I will buy it in whatever colours available that I like. Well, people can't really tell anyway. It will look like you're wearing different tops/shoes/bags everyday :p And I kinda like my money right where I can see it, in my closet! But somehow, the sense of guilt managed to creep in like a cat waiting to pounce on you. You know they're soft and cute but the pounce is erms....ok ok I digress... :p

Anyways, unlike most women who shop even more to make sure the feeling of guilt is pushed back as much as possible. I tend to like he said "keep looking at it, try it, and then..." make my decision :)

Economy's been slow the past 1.5yrs and with our planning for the future, I gotta be frugal at times right?
And since you seemed ok with my shopping habit, and BONUS is IN :D
Let's go get that gorgeous top from Zara, maybe the CHIC pants too and of course, the accessories...the bangles and that cute earrings :) Can never have enough of accessories :D

Ok set! ION Orchard, tmrw at 2pm!
To SHOPPING and the recovering ECONOMY!!
Oh yes, we should get a new pair of shoes for you too :)


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