Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A REAL....


  • A REAL man will not attempt to rip her precious shell.
    A REAL man will cherish and care for that prize forever.

  • A REAL man will not dredge up the past in an argument.
    A REAL man will always look forward and resolve the fight.

  • A REAL man will never hit her woman.
    A REAL man will restrain himself and curb his anger.

  • A REAL man will let his woman know he loves her.
    A REAL man will never be casual and insincere in his love.

  • A REAL man can ‘stand up’ for her.
    Like he stands up for Singapore....(you’re going: huh? Hahaha)

  • A REAL man will not think bros before hos’.
    A REAL man loves his beau AND his bros.

  • A REAL man is responsible.
    A REAL man is the defender, procurer, protector and enabler in his woman’s life.

  • A REAL man takes care of himself, just as he would take care of her.

  • A REAL man acknowledges his mistakes.
    A REAL man will not repeat his mistakes.

  • A REAL man is her lady’s teddy bear.
    A REAL man knows a bear has no tail. (So he cannot put his between his legs and run away)

  • A REAL man has a penis.
    Other...genders who have one are not REAL.

  • A REAL man can be bashful.
    He cannot, however, bash people up.

  • A REAL man will manja his woman.
    A REAL man can only be irritated if he is allowed by his woman.

  • A REAL man is her woman’s superman.
    A REAL man will NOT wear his underwear outside his pants. And he doesn’t wear red underwear unless he has hemorrhagic piles or something.

  • A REAL man is owner of the castle, but she is the master of the house.

  • A REAL man loves his woman.
    A REAL man loves himself.
    A REAL man loves.


kenwooi said...

haha a real man..
hmm.. interesting =)

HE and SHE said...


Hey original lei...hehehe... :)

cr3ap said...

A man should do this do that huh. Good one. Nice post. Quite original geh :D. Everything was just fine except the part A man should have penis. Errr sounds weird 0,0 Can't explain :D but funny. Keep up the good work. Will drop by once in a while.

Regards from cr3ap

::aMaD:: said...

have u heard song like this:
"if I were a boy~"
"but u not a boy~"
sang by beyonce feat sumone i don't know (haha)

so, man n women complete each other.
as we, by our self is not a perfect person. =D

Roger said...

"A REAL man will manja his woman."

Somehow I read that as...

"A REAL man will ninja his woman."

HOIYAKKK!! *throws shurikens at wife*

Now on what a real woman should do, according to Peter Chao:

1) Make sandwich
2) Shut up
3) **** his **** on command!

HE and SHE said...

SHE says;
cr3ap - both play a part la huh..
yeah, quite original..haha..abt the penis part, what he meant was that, A REAL MAN has penis, but some others are just dicks..haha..:p

HE and SHE said...

SHE says;
::aMaD:: - oh yeah the one beyonce sang to Lee Carr. :)

It's true, men and women should be in a r'ship to compliment each other. Everyone's different. Take the best of each other and enjoy every moment of it. Easier said than done, but my bf has proven that it can be done. :)

HE and SHE said...

SHE says;
Roger - hehe, Roger, love, peace, no war...tired already after 8 yrs!..haha..

My sayang knows that by manjaing me will get me to listen to him than threathen to throw the shuriken coz she's was previously a bantam weight champion :p

NOW if all men do the above, women like me will do;
1) Make sandwich (pizza/pasta also can, darling)
2) Shut up (speak only if improves the silence :D)
3) **** his **** on command! (hehe...i loike) lol...

HE and SHE said...

Oh ya everyone, THANK YOU for the comments :)

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