Tuesday, December 15, 2009

When is.....


People are mumbling. By which I mean relatives are whispering or downright asking outright when we are getting married. Coincidentally, we both met our relatives last Sunday when we were in our own homes. After the salutations and re-introductions, the questions flew.

“So, when is your big day?” asked the offender.

“End April.” I answered.

“So soon! I expect to get a card from you soon?” replied the offender.

“Er....sure. If I’m planning a party, that is,” said I.

Quizzical frown from the person. “You mean, you’re not planning a reception? What about the guests?”

“Argh, it happens every year. After a while it gets tiring.” I reply.

“Hah? You mean you’ve done it already? You did it more than once? And you didn’t invite me?” exclaimed the relative.

“Well, I’m sorry I didn’t invite you. I wanted quiet birthdays, that’s all,” I retort.

The abovementioned relatives ‘harumphed’ and walked off. Ok, I replied that way on purpose, but I did get carried away with the sarcasm. She was more sophisticated in her replies to inquisitive interlopers (mostly her aunts) and she replied in much humour and jest. Yet afterwards, when we debriefed each other, she was incensed and I found it hilarious. Funny, the way we react to the same situation, before, during and after. But the end results was that people we know are very kaypoh and they should be minding their own beeswax instead of asking such pointed questions so glaringly in front of so many people! So, dear reader, if you are one of those ‘been there, done that, what about you?’ kinda people, clamp it with G-clamp, and just smile and say, “Oh, hello, long time no see! And you look so slim! Is there a new hair-do? Wow, nice watch, you must be doing alright! Hey, you’re more good looking than before! Hey, we should catch up sometime. Sorry, gotta go, my kids just broke the vase and my baby has just soiled the diapers. I got to go clean up the mess. Bye!”


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