Tuesday, December 15, 2009

U do?


"I do....?"

Neways, yesterday was spent with family and some extended relatives.
He too has some function to attend to so...
Not quite in the mood to blog but there are some stuffs that are still kinda nagging at the back of my head.

See, the thing is like him, I'm the middle child. Both elder siblings are married and coz they're like a decade older than me, they should. And being in the middle, I still have two younger siblings who are younger than me and I should go first before them.

Next, since it's been so long since the elder two got married(not to each other...duh), people naturally zoom into me and start questioning abt "THE DAY". Fact is unlike ya'll, they DON'T KNOW if there's a S/O or not so for them to zoom in and ask abt "THE DAY", is like asking me when's the end of the world? Is that what they're referring to? Of coz not!!! It's still about "THE DAY".....

The best part is, it's not the close relatives who'd ask coz they're concern ('concern?' what i meant is they just wanna know), but it's always the annoying, loud, xyz ;p who'd ask!! :(

Neways, here's my list of excuses;

  1. Qn: When's "The day?"
    Ans: When or what day is it? :) Then quickly say ______________ (If it's Monday, say Monday. If it's Wednesday, say Wednesday. If it's Saturday, say....(u get the idea))

  2. Qn: When's "The day?"
    Ans: Give quizzical look, smile and walk away....haha

  3. Qn: When's "The day?"
    Ans: Shug shoulders, and say "Don't know" or "ENTAH"...stare at them n make em uncomfortable...heh

  4. Qn: When's "The day?"
    Ans: Belum ada calon...U have suitors for me??

  5. Qn: When's "The day?"
    Ans: hums..."hum tum tum tum..."
    Qn: When's that, 10.10.10?
    Ans: oh, 10.10.10?....??? and quickly run for ur life!!!!
Whatever ar....JANGAN SIBUK BOLEH TAK!......hehehe...


Dylan Phuah said...

yeah, i do get you. totally very annoying being asked questions like this. its like so WTF.

Ninja Coffee said...

questions like that....
I think you'll get it more often as we are entering feb, the month of lovey dovey~

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