Wednesday, December 2, 2009



“This is my December.....skrts squee skrtz”. Ok, I can’t sing like Chester Bennington from Linkin Park, but I can hum pretty well. DUM DUM’s less than a year to the BIG DAY (actual day is under wraps, so it’s on a need to know basis, suckas). It’s also a busy month for me at work and I can anticipate that I won’t be seeing my sayang so often this month. But this month signifies many things, other than Christmas. It means the end of a year, the beginning of a new year, the time to wrap up work that was constantly put off, and the fulfilment of promises made.

We made a lot of promises to each other. Promises made in the warm light of love, and promises made in the darkness of anger. But the actual value in ourselves as people will show when we make good on our good promises, and not the threats. Love is not all about sunny skies and fields of marigold. It’s also about the tough times, the sad times and the times when we feel the whole world is against us. It’s been a journey of many years and we will soon (in less than a year) take another road in the junction of life when we get married.

So, sayang, forgive me for all the difficult times I made you endure. I will pray for the strength to look after you and love you as how a good husband should. I sayang you.


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