Saturday, November 14, 2009



Men need to listen and women need to take a step back.
Well said!
So please listen to ME :)
And I'll gladly step back(unless necessary)...hehe...

I do agree that living in Singapore is STRESSFUL. The need to achieve the 5Cs, I mean even LVs is no longer that EXCLUSIVE, if you know what I mean :p

We are pressured to meet that "SOMEONE", fall in love and for the ladies, to quickly get married and have children, YES to support the island's economy. Being in Singapore, we human beings ARE the natural resources to be used up. Sad, but that's what it is...if you slack, there's always the PRs :s

It's not just stress that people stop focusing on their relationship,right? And when you stop focusing on the relationship, it becomes stagnant,in time, they lost that loving feeling....

Again, is it fair to just blame it on stress or is it lack of knowledge?

I mean, these are social skills....but where do we learn it from? From our parents? Peers? I mean if we have to go to school just to learn maths, why isn't there subjects on how to behave in a relationship with a significant other, how to keep up with the relationship or even on how to cope with a breakup? Aren't these skills important too??

Media plays a role in it too, doesn't it? I mean the reports on broken marriages are no longer a taboo.... Thus, without a proper knowledge and perhaps the will to keep the relationship going, with stress playing a role in the whole equation and knowing that it is no longer a taboo to leave a marriage, therefore, couples choose the easy way out that is to terminate the union rather than 'trying' to 'work' it out coz life is already stressful and the relationship isn't working!!

Do people really think that relationships will grow and take it's own course without any effort being put in? Or does money rule over matters of the heart?

I am glad that my SO is attentive nowadays and has started to Listen :)
He has also started to open up and share his feelings. Yeah, when we're too caught up with the distractions life's got to offer, look back and focus on the point why we're in a relationship in the first place. And "although we have our different personalities, that doesn’t mean we can’t find a way to be nice and loving to one another and still keep a handle on things."

Mum used to say: It is ok to make mistakes. It is ok to say you're sorry. It is ok. Life will be ok....


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