Sunday, November 1, 2009



He used to tell me, "To love is to be selfless, I love you, selflessly....."

If you're thinking that he's romantic, well, he is....BUT not quite the conventional way, u know, the roses, the chocolates....the works....he's more of the practical LOMANTIC... Yeah, LOMANTIC with a capital L. Coz he does it with LOVE. :p

How he'd travel for 45mins to come meet me after work for dinner or for a swim(we've both grown sideways over the years and running is tiring..haha..) or even just to sit at the bench and catch up on our day before he leaves for an hr ride back home. And he does this ALMOST everyday. I thank him for all these BUT....well, there's always the BUT!! A lil bit more won't hurt right? ;p Don't you ladies agree?

I know he's written a post on being complacent and becoming boring.... is that all? Am I supposed to just settle?

Yes we've talked abt it A LOT...we've tried new things eg. SWIMMING :), meet up at new places and then we lapse coz it seems like we're trying too hard and the sitting at the bench talking abt how our days goes by and gazing into each other's eyes seems FUN afterall....

Relationship is soooooooo difficult to comprehend at times. We love being with each other but I guess, people change. Sometimes, I want times, I want B. Then there are the other times that I want A again... Makes sense?

Bottomline is, we've been with each other for a long time. We still enjoy each other's company MOST of the time...haha..I guess, it's ok to be boring at times.... :p I admit I do say that he's boring nowadays but good thing about him is that he takes it in his stride and that's when we try new things and things become ok again.

I'm glad he's aware. Well, he's "said it out LOUD" dude, IT IS OK to be BORING at times but I'm not gonna settle! So put in the effort and suprise me at times,uh? ...make it interesting again and again and again and again...:) And I too will do the same too...:D

Darling, I love you, selflessly too...hehe


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