Wednesday, November 4, 2009



I’ve always viewed the opinion of women’s intuition in scepticism. What is that ‘intuition’? Where does it come from? Is it something genetically endowed upon all females or is it something mothers pass to their daughters? What do women want?

I sound annoyed. You bet you behind I do. See, I don’t know what makes a woman tick. What infernal internal workings reside in the psyche of the female? It’s like the Jedi Force or something. I think George Lucas chanced upon a secret knowledge and before the Lady League could ‘remove’ him, he decided to make a movie with hidden clues and be famous so that his sudden disappearance would appear highly suspicious and cause a great big investigation and the secret of all women would be revealed to the world and humanity would plunge into chaos and the end of the world is nigh.

I have a ... unique imagination. Or so I’m told. ANYWAY, I find it utterly frustrating that she has this psychic power. Yes, I’ve said it. Powers of enhanced observation, clairvoyance and sometimes telekinesis (that happens when she throws something at me, ha-ha kidding). Without going into James Clavell-novel-like details, she seems to know what I’m actually feeling, what I intend to do, how I’m going to do it and what I’m going to say. If I wanted to give a little white lie, or appear to be confident and happy when I’m not, she knows. It’s like I’m an open book!

She even knows I’m ranting right now! Sigh.... I’m feeling like this because it’s unnerving that someone can know me so well. But I guess its ok because it’s her. Next chapter, turn the page.....


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