Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Spinach Lasagna from...

She says;

Yesterday was my 2nd day back to work and while the pain is still there,
I brace myself and continue on working.
I was practically super drained by the time the clock strike 6pm.
I was so hungry and both he and I decided to go for dinner somewhere near home.
We decided to go to NEX.
The newest mall located beside the Serangoon MRT station.
It's a huge ass complex!!

There are so many eateries to try but for now, we settled on SWENSENS.
Here's what we ordered other then the must have Coit Towers;

I ordered the spinach lasagna and he ordered some pizza.

The lasagna was interesting but no doubt yummy!
Really love the tomato sauce that is served with the lasagna....yikes...I'm craving for more! :p


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