Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ice kacang!

She says;

While waiting for the surgery wounds to heal, I am so craving for this!
ICE KACANG from Hollywood @ Bedok.. 

For those who do not know what ice-kacang is,
Here's the picture;

 Ice kachang (ice with beans) evolved from the humble ice ball drenched with syrup to be the little ice mountain served in a bowl, drizzled with creamed corn, condensed milk, gula melaka and brightly coloured syrups. Dig into it and you’ll discover other goodies hidden within -- red beans, palm seeds and cubed jellies.
Shaved ice desserts are always a popular treat in the hot tropics.
Where u can get it for me?
Here at Hollywood - food center near the Bedok Bus Interchange.

Any kind soul willing to buy for me?? :p
Mr H, puhleezeee??


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