Wednesday, November 25, 2009



Work day = bad. After work = good.

Ok, that wasn’t a blog post, but it’s a good start, right? (say yes, or I don’t ‘friend’ you). I feel perky because I had a very good time with her, of all places, at a coffee shop. Intro background story: When we started dating, I didn’t know many places to eat, so she would bring me around to all the eateries she patronised in Singapore and would make me try dishes that I’ve never tried before (I was never a fan of seafood; now I quite like it). Along the way, I became more Singaporean, and would boast to my friends about places we went to and how good the food was. I felt like I was one of ‘them’, able to critique on our national pastime: eating good food!

Anyways, we went a lot of coffee shops. Restaurants were for more ...ahem...wealthy people. Hey, we were young-uns, just entered the work force, enjoying the little money we made at first. There weren’t that many halal eateries anyway, well, at least not the kind of cuisine we wanted to try. But we went to many a makan place and I started to appreciate the local cuisine that I grew up with but never really tried.

Thank you, dear, for introducing me to so much good food. And making me so fat in the process, bwa ha ha hah.


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