Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Here goes....


It was high time, actually.

When you've been with someone for a long time, you tend to let slide a lot of simple things, little details. You tend to forget to stop and smell the roses, look at your love, REALLY look and wonder, how lucky you are.

Memories are selective. It's our brain's way of shielding us, protecting us from self-inflicting pain. Memories can fade too, getting lost in the miasma of life. That's why we write, take pictures, record history in the making. I was a little lazy doing all that, truth be told. Guilty and worry made me think. Hope and love made me decide.

To decide to keep a journal. I want to look back one day and help myself remember the journey I embarked on, to spend my life with someone. Spend life with her. Because memories fade with time but history lasts forever.

Love is a funny thing. And because it is funny, I want to share this experience with you an see if you find it a funny thing as well. My story, my words but I'll know SHE'll balance the feelings with her story, her words.

Haven't done this for a long time.....
Deep breath. Pen on paper. And here I go.....


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